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(Rise of the Papilion Trilogy-Book II)

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What would you do if the fate of the world lay in your hands?




Welcome to my author website where you can find eveything you need to know about The Rise of the Papilion trilogy.


The idea for The Purple Morrow started a few years back when I wanted to explore themes related to loss, redemption, and moving forward. The story of a man unable to deal with the past while being thrown into a crisis demanding that he settle things and move on seemed a good place to start.


The Purple Morrow started very simply; I'd intended it to be a solo book. But as the story developed and the characters matured, I knew the full tale had to be explored. The world of Marathana blossomed, becoming multi-cultural, each people group following their own cultural or religious beliefs. Magic and spirituality are also firmly rooted in this world and play essential roles in determining which side--good or evil--will prevail. I had a full-fledged trilogy on my hands! Wolf's Bane, the sequel, takes the reader deeper into the conflict developing across Marathana, introduces the reader to new players and people groups and drastically raises the stakes. Questions of identity, individual choice versus the greater good are explored. Jeru struggles to take difficult steps forward in his destiny while Kelen fights the evil dogging his every move, all of it leading to a devastating end.


I am proud of these books. The Purple Morrow and Wolf's Bane are available for purchase through Smashwords, Google Books and Amazon . Berserker, the third book, is in production.


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Reader Comments (more available on Goodreads and Amazon)


"...The descriptive character of Jeru, the main character, had me intrigued and falling in love right from the beginning…I am not a fantasy reader, but this book had a fair balance of fantasy mixed with light romance, drama, mystery and adventure which had me enjoying every bit of it. The story is so unique, I kept thinking to myself, “This has to be turned into a movie!”. I finished the book in 2 days and I am anxiously awaiting the next sequence of this trilogy."


"….I usually don’t go buying books without knowing more about the author, or hearing rave reviews from friends, or not having pictures in it (I kid, I kid). If you’re familiar with at least any of Dyane Forde’s writing style and narrative voice with her short stories, then you’ll be in for a treat with her book."



"...Forde is a newer author, but don’t let that fool you. She’s a natural writer and has a beautiful and magical way with words, very fitting for the light-fantasy setting she’s created in this story. The language supports a great cast of characters in a world where everyone fears the Rovers, a band of wild and ruthless warriors. But all is not lost, for there lies hope in the Papilion, the one destined to bring balance and order to a seemingly hopeless time for some.

With a desperate quest, likeable characters with realistic and refreshing flaws, and the lovely writing style of the author, this was a book that I discovered I need to have a hard copy of on my shelf. I look forward to the other two books in the series!"