Friday Morning Quickie: Are You Inspired?

March 23, 2018

Sometimes, no matter how much we try, we don’t feel inspired. Our usual methods of cranking up that rickety old 'inspiration machine' doesn’t work, we're filled with doubt, or maybe we’re just too busy or too tired to even think.


That’s been my story this week. After launching my book and this site at the same time, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks : networking, book marketing, book promotion, recruiting, etc. The happiest moments of my days have been when I crawled into bed at night and pulled the blankets over my head. The thought of writing anything, be it a blog post or a story, has been the farthest thing from my mind




But, as I was getting ready for work today, I considered the last few weeks. I was tired, frustrated that I wasn't writing anything, frustrated that I couldn't think of anything worthwhile to write--I was just plain frustrated. Between the tasks mentioned above, family life, and work, it’s little wonder that exhaustion had taken over, forcing out my joy and creative spark.


While I talked to God on my way to work, it became clear that I had let my mind become cluttered with ‘worries and cares’. A few weeks ago, a minister preached at our church about how during Jesus’ visit to Martha and Mary’s home, Martha had forgotten about the most important thing : spending time with Jesus. Was she wrong to be taking care of the duties of a hostess? No. Jesus was a guest in her house, after all. But it was her attitude of caring more about the tasks at hand that was the problem.


When the Lord appears or speaks loud and clear to us, it’s easy to trust and follow Him. We feel safe and close to Him, and inspiration flows easier as a result. But that process is interrupted when we get lost amidst the cares of the world, isn’t it?




If you’re feeling distant from the Lord or uninspired to walk in your creative calling, be encouraged. It happens to all of us. But God is merciful and patient, and if we ask Him for help, He promises to answer. When we draw close to Him, His peace drives out the shadow of our cares and concerns, leaving our hearts open to be inspired.


How are you feeling today? How do you overcome life's stressors to rekindle your creative flame?

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