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Christians are gifted. Let's boldly show it.

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The Vision

Why Create a blog for Christian Creatives?

I'm a writer, but my vision is to regroup, exhort, and promote Christian Creatives of all kinds, develop connections with existing and new audiences, while encouraging growth in our relationships with God, the Ultimate Creative.

​I believe Christians are as gifted as anyone and that we, both amateurs and professionals, have a God-given responsibility to use our gifts and talents. I believe that growth and innovation are integral to the creative spirit placed within us by God and that our creations can successfully exist within the Christian and secular worlds. ​


Maybe you don't see yourself as an artist but love art in all its forms. That’s okay. Artists need consumers and fans. I invite creators and consumers both to peruse the blog, which is updated regularly with fiction, articles, devotionals, photography, guest posts, concert announcements, and more.

Whether you’re a Creative or a consumer, please comment on and Like the posts, as it encourages the contributors. Sharing the posts is also essential, as it improves the blog's visibility, supports our contributors, and increases the chances that people are touched by God through our work. Also, please subscribe to the mailing list for newsletters and updates.

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Thank you for your support. A person can do a lot alone but can accomplish so much more when accompanied by like-minded people.​