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March 2, 2018

Finding your way through the information highway isn’t always easy. As creatives, we make things we want to share and then often turn to social media to spread the word to our audiences. But there are so many of us out there doing the same thing that it’s easy to get lost in the noise. And, with Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and all the rest blowing up our phones all day, riding that communication highway can feel overwhelming. I often feel like no matter how much time I spend online that I’m always a step behind. 


Right now, I’m working on a book release set for next week, as well as looking for guests and other talents to feature on this blog. A few days ago, I came across Laura A. Grace in a Facebook group we're part of (Realm Makers Consortium). She announced that she was looking for authors to contribute to a book-cover reveal mashup on her blog. I threw my name into the hat and--poof!--the post came out today. I dashed over to check it out and I was impressed by two things: 1) the quality of the featured books and their covers and, 2) the quality of the Laura’s blog itself.  




Laura runs the Unicorn Quester blog, which focuses on promoting Christian indie and small traditional press books. In the blog’s own words: “We believe every author has magic, but we also believe that self-published and small traditional press authors have a unique vision and spark that must be shared widely. We diligently strive to support Christian indie speculative authors in their journeys–and joyfully celebrate them.”


The site hosts blog tours (for a reasonable fee), as well as other promotional activities such as author and character interviews. I was looking for a friendly place to introduce myself to new readers in this crazy, mile-a-minute writing world, and it was a pleasure to discover the well-organized, pleasant-to-look-at Unicorn Quester blog. I was also thrilled to see that the market for Christian speculative fiction is active and growing, and equally thrilled that sites like that exist because they connect authors to audiences hungry for our work. 


So, check out Unicorn Quester for yourself. If you're a reader, you might discover a new author through an interview or blog hop, or your eye might catch a really sleek-looking book cover. If you’re an author looking to expand your audience, you might find a valuable new resource to help you do just that.


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