Christian Creatives: Step Up and Be Heard

February 26, 2018


Being a Christian is tough. Being a Christian creative person is tough, too. Not only do we have to navigate the obvious issues like, figuring out God’s plan for the gifts, talents and resources He’s given us, but we might also wonder whether or not it’s okay to make money with the things we create. How about dealing with pride? We’re supposed to take a certain level of pride in our work, but when does it become too much? What about other Christians who might not understand that a creation without a cross or the name Jesus in it can still honor God?


We are responsible for how we use our gifts and talents, and I think it’s important to ask these questions and seek out the answers. So, our task as Christian Creatives is challenging. And, it’s not like we can simply look at another Christian and just do what they’re doing. God’s plan for each one of us is unique. Why’s that? Because we are different people with different life experiences, different talents and, therefore, different creative Voices. For whatever reason, God chooses to use us to express Himself to the world, and we each have our individual story to share as well as means to do it, be it as writers, visual or digital artists, singers, dancers, producers, etc.


The reason I started this blog was to encourage and to motivate Christian Creatives of all sorts to step up and be heard. There are professional creatives out there who might need support or a platform to connect with their audiences, while there might be a ‘home artist’ with a desire to develop their gifts but who doesn’t know how to get started, or might struggle to believe they have anything worth sharing.



When I started my writing journey about 7 years ago, I wanted to honour God with my work. But I was new at it and thought that the only way to be successful was to sell a lot of books and not ‘screw up’ the stories I was writing. Over time, I have come to understand that success is measured in different ways. Some Christian Creatives might use their art to boldly share the Message, while others might choose less overt methods. Some may be called to be New York Times best-sellers, or to top the charts with great music, or to act in or direct great movies. And, sometimes, it’s simply to be the support system for others to get to where they need to be.


If you connected with this post and would like to talk more about it, or if you would like to collaborate with me or contribute to the blog, then I invite you to contact me via the contact form, or email addresses, or the various other social media methods located on the site. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.

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